As a musician I wanted to create a spot where people could visit to find bands and the venues which support live music in the Michiana area (and thank you to those venues which do). With many musician friends who play with their heart and soul I wanted to give them another avenue for promoting themselves.

There is a running joke among musicians that '"we play for free...we only charge for setting up and tearing down equipment". There is a lot of work behind the scenes of a band, the practice time, set up and tear down time, travel time as well as the time spent putting gig dates together.

To all my friends and all the bands I have yet to meet, thank you for your efforts and keep the music going!

Also, as a motorcycle enthusiast, I wanted to give the motorcycle community a place where they could find local, regional and national rides, events and rallies.

To all my brothers in the wind, ride safe and hope to see you at the next event!

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Bobby Caldwell


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